About us

The world is facing growing environmental challenges – particularly with aviation emissions; we are providing a solution by manufacturing electric propulsion systems for a zero-emission, fixed-wing aircraft.

Our vision is to be the leading manufacturer of zero-emissions light sport and general aviation aircraft, that will benefit the global aviation industry and provide cost effective solutions for the flight training market initially.

Our customers desire to share our planet positive attitude.
Infinitus Aero platforms provide capability with a difference.

We have a commitment to being the leader in light sport aircraft technologies, today and into the future; we are setting new standards for the aviation industry.

As industry advancements occur, our team are keeping up with the dynamic nature of our engineering a new electric propulsion system. This being the case, we are working slowly and methodically so we launch our test flight program using the best technology available on the glove.

The Infinitus Aero team will now conduct our test flight program in Q3 2024 and we can’t wait to share the news with you when dates are confirmed. We welcome enquiries and orders – be part of the positive revolution as we have a planet positive impact.


Our team of passionate industry leaders:



Chief Executive Officer

Recognising the need for the aviation industry to adapt to climate change, and understanding the technological talent and capabilities available within Australia, Michael co-founded Infinitus Aero. His vision to develop innovative clean-energy based aircraft platforms that promise to revolutionise flight training, recreational flying and air logistics. Michael also wants to position Australia within the global aerospace industry to be the leading developers of zero-emission aircraft.

Michael has been involved in the aviation industry for over 30 years and was a founding member of the Aviation Industry Consultative Council and through his position on the General Aviation Advisory Network, he provides industry advice to the Federal Transport Minister. Michael is also the current Chair of the Board for Recreational Aviation Australia and sits on the National Emerging Aviation Technology Consultative Committee.

Being an active champion of diversity within the aviation industry, Michael is collaborating with a number of organisations and influential stakeholders to create opportunities for young women in areas such as piloting, aeronautical engineering and aircraft maintenance.

Michael holds an economics degree with First-class honours from the University of Adelaide, an MBA, jointly awarded by the Melbourne Business School, the Kellogg School of Management and the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany, and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Chief Commercial Officer

Prior to co-founding Infinitus Aero, Barrie purchased a flight training school and acquired the first imported electric aircraft into Australia. This aircraft was flown on a world record-breaking endurance trip in SA.

When Barrie became familiar with the existing technology, it strengthened his determination to build an alternative electric plane for the world. Barrie is excited and proud that it’s being built right here in Australia, using home-grown aerospace talent.

Barrie’s career is heavily aviation based. He has managed various regional airports around Australia and established a Robinson Helicopter franchise in the USA. He was previously a Director, Board Member and Chair of the SA Chapter of the Australian Airports Association.

Barrie is passionate about aviation and technology and he’s very conscious of the impact the aviation industry is having on the environment. Barrie is committed to doing all he can to make aviation greener and Infinitus Aero is the platform to make this happen.

Barrie is the Chief Commercial Officer for Infinitus Aero and brings extensive skills to this new business along with a global network within the aviation industry.


Chief Operating Officer

Gus is a passionate aviation professional who is always looking for the next big challenge and being part of the Infinitus Aero founding team has been very rewarding for Gus from the perspective of developing flight platforms that will be significantly beneficial for the environment and future flyers.

Before joining the Infinitus Aero team, Gus spent time leading an operations department for one of the largest flight training organisations in Australia and prior to this he gained significant, leadership, contract and project management experience across the globe for the largest provider of helicopter services to the offshore oil and gas industry. Gus also has significant airline leadership experience having worked for a number of regional, legacy and low-cost airlines in Australia. Gus has also served as an instructor of aviation studies for a leading Australian university.

Gus holds a Master of Aviation Management degree from Swinburne University.


Chief Engineer

Dominic Hill’s excitement for aviation began at a young age when his parents gave him a matchbox de Haviland Beaver-inspired seaplane. Since then, Dominic has built a strong positive reputation as an aeronautical engineer and commercial professional who has advanced global technology and manufacturing companies.

Since 2016, Dominic has explored the viability of electric aircraft. After researching the advancements in energy storage and motor technology, Dominic believes that Infinitus Aero is optimally positioned to service a largely untapped global market that exists today.

Over the years, Dominic has developed aircraft designs for government stakeholders and provided software to the global aviation industry. He has undertaken test flight and evaluation activities of light sport and experimental aircraft and has led general aviation projects as a director of the Canberra Aero Club. Previously, Dominic held commercial roles at one of Australia’s most established Defence industry manufacturers and at a leading Australian-based Internet-of-Things company.

Dominic is eager to work alongside thought-leaders at Infinitus Aero to develop a world-leading electric light sport aircraft designed and manufactured in Australia with the help of local partners to advance the local aviation industry.

In his spare time Dominic loves flying and playing the cello. Currently, he is also building a Vans RV-10, which he has considered electrifying! Dominic holds a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering (Hons) from UNSW Canberra, where he studied at the ADFA campus.



Sue has a rich professional history in the finance industry having worked for over 40 years in the banking, HR and office management sectors. Her expertise in these areas led to her holding a key role in the finance team of a major Australian airport when Infinitus Aero was formed.

Her passion for travel, together with her love of aviation, resulted in her helping to acquire Australia’s first electric aircraft. This aircraft was used to establish a benchmark for the performance of electric aircraft and their suitability for use in training and private operations within the aviation sector.

As part of these efforts, Sue was pivotal in the setting of several world records while the aircraft was flown throughout remote Australia. It was this activity that ultimately led to her participation in founding Infinitus Aero.

Her role within Infinitus Aero is critical in ensuring that we operate efficiently and effectively to maximise the financial potential of the company. This will allow Infinitus Aero to deliver on its goals to provide the aviation sector with aircraft platforms that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable in alignment with Sue’s own vision for the future of the industry.


Communications and Stakeholder Manager

Diana Williams has worked in the media, tourism and communications industries for over 20 years, successfully delivering commercial outcomes and PR opportunities for businesses.

With a passion for creating communication and brand strategies, Diana brings enthusiasm and experience in developing teams who understand the value of products and people.

Prior to joining the team at Infinitus Aero Diana has worked in media and events, TV, the AFL and private enterprise, launching businesses and achieving national industry recognition amongst her peers.

Her extensive network and communication skills, will provide Infinitus Aero with the dynamic approach to promoting their innovations, as well as securing stakeholders for a sustainable business future.

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