How does a plane fly electrically?

The E22 Spark will have an electric battery system and motor components that will all work together to create a propulsion system – this will be the first time this sort of propulsion system has been integrated into a light sport aircraft in Australia.

How many people can fly in the plane?

The E22 Spark is a two seater, high wing, light sport aircraft with a maximum take off weight of 600kg. It is ideally suited for flight training and private, recreational use.

Does it make a noise like other planes?

The electric propulsion system means these planes will be seen before they are heard in most cases.

Why don’t we have solar panels on the wings?

Future designs may incorporate solar panels in the wing surface to charge ancillary devices, but the area is not large enough to fully power the aircraft and maintain input to accommodate perpetual inflight charging.

What makes an electric aircraft less expensive to maintain?

With zero fossil fuel burning over the lifetime of the aircraft, environmental and economic savings are significant. We have calculated the fuel saving alone will exceed the initial cost of the aircraft over 6,000 flying hours. There are reduced maintenance costs due to the configuration with lack of ‘moving parts’.

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