Amprius Technology Lithium Silicon batteries arrive for Infinitus Aero

February 2, 2024

What a Friday delivery the team from Infinitus Aero enjoyed opening to kick start February 2024! Packaged up and sent from the USA, our new partners at Amprius Technologies have sent new Lithium Silicon batteries for us to continue our R&D work for the E22 Spark.

The Silicon Nanowire battery technology increases energy density well beyond that of standard Lithium-ion – and we are excited about the fact they are also lighter, faster charging, have longer life cycles and considered more environmentally friendly. These factors combined makes this technology highly suited for aerospace applications.

We now continue our R&D work and partner with Prohelion, who will weave their magic on testing, packaging and sharing data with us about these new Lithium Silicon batteries.

Stay tuned for more – and always reach out for more information if you are an innovator, investor or industry partner.
Our friendly team are willing to discuss our plans and welcome you to discuss potential investment in our business if appropriate.

Infinitus Aero R & D continues with new battery arrival

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