Infinitus Aero meet the Minister for Climate Change and Energy

November 13, 2023

The team from Infinitus Aero participated in Future Energy Week at the Tonsley Innovation District, where their E22 Spark was the star of the expo show, attracting the attention of the Honourable Chris Bowen MP, the Minister for Climate Change and Energy and Louise Miller-Frost MP. The expo highlighted green energy innovations and the Infinitus Aero E22 Spark prototype was on display to showcase the advancements the company is making towards being the first Australian electric aircraft to conduct a test flight program and being manufacturing.

The Hon Chris Bowen, Minister Tom Koutsantonis and Louise Miller-Frost MP all spent time learning about the E22 Spark and the companies engineering progress, innovative ideas to contribute to the global aviation industry in a planet positive way through their battery and electric propulsion developments.

The E22 Spark test flight program will commence in January 2024, with enquiries welcome to secure an aircraft when manufactured by 2025.

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