Teams from Bridgestone World Solar Challenge visit Infinitus Aero

October 30, 2023

Infinitus Aero started their week with a buzz of excitement by welcoming 60 international team members from the recent Bridgestone World Solar Challenge to their factory in Edwardstown. Second place ‘Solar Team Twente’ from the Netherlands and fourth placed ‘University of Michigan’ team spent hours talking batteries, motor mounts, solar and battery powered vehicles. Infinitus Aero wanted to capture the opportunity to share with global battery manufacturer Amprius – who provided batteries for the top four teams to cross the finish line with this event.

We will share more photos as we have them and continue to update our news regarding these new friendships forged and possible industry placement opportunities for students, plans for the 2025 event and more…

On behalf of the entire Infinitus Aero team – thank you Solar Team Twente and University of Michigan for your time today. We were proud to Showcase SA and welcome you to our factory.

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Amprius Technologies

Amprius Technologies sponsor World Solar Challenge teams

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