Aero Expo: Our visit to Friedrichshafen, Germany

October 9, 2023

The Infinitus Aero team attended the world’s largest aviation expo in Friedrichshafen, Germany in April 2023 and came back to Australia filled with inspiration, a desire to change their business name and a dream they knew was worth pursuing.

As the team descended on Germany for the week long expo, meetings with fellow aviation enthusiasts, engineers, suppliers, engineers and fellow ‘planet positive leaders’ were confirmed and (at times…) the overwhelming expo experiences began. Six large convention buildings were filled with  everything from batteries to helicopters, drones to pistons… and everything in between.

The Infinitus Aero team came home with a clear understanding that the research, development, design and engineering we had been conducting prior to the overseas trip actually placed us in a position as a market leader. The progress we had been making was validated whilst we were amongst the global leaders in the aviation world – and we came home with a spring in our step and a desire to change our name to reflect our limitless and boundless approach into the future.

Branding and ongoing R&D work was conducted over a four month period and we launched ‘Infinitus Aero’ – Zero emissions, Zero boundaries on October 4th. The contacts we made whilst in Germany, Switzerland and France during our travels have led to strong stakeholder partnerships, international sharing of knowledge – as well as support for our Australian company to play a role in global aviation change for the better.

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